Our customers can be assured of the legality of our products as they have been FSC (FSC-C 113024) certified. Our forest management holding company aims to ensure continuous renewal, conservation and sustainable use OF forests.
In 2010 RFP holding began voluntary forest certification. We plan to certify the entire forest fund which we lease in the Khabarovsk, Amur and Primorsky territories – an area totaling 5 million hectares and 4.5 million cubic metres of allowed annual harvest.
FSC certification of the “RFP Group” holding includes:
  • — Processing plant «Amur LC» LLC
  • — Trade company «RFP Trading house» LLC
RFP confirms the compliance of "Dallesprom" to the criteria of sustainable forest management.

The Company recognizes the fundamental role of production activities in the sustainable management of forests. Our commitment to achieving competitiveness, economic development and growth of our company is inextricably linked to a healthy environment, the sustainable use of forest resources and the social well-being of employees and local residents and indigenous peoples living in the territory of the company’s operations..

Respect for these fundamental principles is reflected in the policy of the company and is the basis for the organization of production and other company processes.
Certification by the FSC system
A preliminary audit of the forest management system of the holding entities was performed in April, 2010 followed by the main audit in connection with certification by the FSC system (Forest Stewardship Council).

Discussion of the project selection criteria and conservation measures aimed at preserving and managing the HCVF (High Conservation Value Forests) in the leased territory of RFP as well as the results of conservation in that territory were held on May 11, 2011 in Khabarovsk.

The presentations provided at the meeting:
  • Criteria for selection and conservation measures of HCVF in the leased territory of the RFP Holding “Logging” business unit. (rar. 372 КБ);
  • A list and description of representative (reference) ecosystems in the leased territory of the "Logging" business unit of RFP.(rar. 4,7 MБ).
  • Minutes of the proceedings In Russian (pdf. 230 KB)
  • The agreement on cooperation and joint activities between JSC Dallesprom and the NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) "Association of Indigenous Ethnic Groups of Northern Khabarovsk Territory" was signed on February 3, 2012. Text of the agreement (pdf. 2,3 Mb).
Chain of Custody Certification (CCC)
The "RFP Trading House" started a Chain of Custody Certification (CCC) in September, 2012. According to this declaration, signed on September 20, 2012, the JSC “RFP Trading House” was contractually bound to observe the “FSC policy on the sale of certified production and verification of the origin of purchased raw wood material”. Declaration text (pdf. 1,09 Mb). A certificate of FSC CCC was issued to the JSC "RFP Trading House" on December 5, 2012.

An FSC CCC for rotary cut veneer was issued in 2013 for the new production of the "Amursk Advanced Wood Processing Center" in Amursk (JSC Amurskaya LK).

The policy of JSC “RFP Trading House” and JSC “Amur Timber Industry Company” on sale of FSC certified production — DOWNLOAD (doc. 0,06 Mb).
Certification by PEFC system
At the same time RFP Holding came under voluntary certification of the PEFS (Pan European Forest Council) system on October 29, 2012. Documentation (pdf. 2,07 Mb). The first PEFC certificate for JSC" Dallesprom" was issued on March 17, 2014. — DOWNLOAD (pdf. 0,98 Mb).