From the second half of 2017 we can offer a wide range of high quality lumber. Pre-order and receive special considerations!
Now you can order a trial consignment of lumber in order to develop a relationship with our company. The products will be manufactured in our own small enterprise so customers can verify the stated quality characteristics and order major consignments from our under-construction plant.
The use of the most advanced equipment (Springer, Austria) will produce spruce and larch lumber meeting the highest international standards. A drying chamber and product preservation is available to customers upon request.
As part of the «Amursk Advanced Wood Processing Center» a sawnwood plant is being completed. The total output is going to be more than 230 thousand cubic metres of sawnwood per year. The planned launch is in the third quarter of 2016.
Softwood lumber from far-eastern spruce and larch has gained immense popularity in the construction of homes and decorations where demand is primarily for strength. The main variety for the production of sawnwood is Ayan spruce, which is valued for its simultaneous lightness and strength thanks to its natural origin.
Spruce sawnwood is irreplaceable in the manufacture of buildings, finishing materials, packaging, etc. Thin boards are mainly used for tare slats, gaskets, sanga and packaging material. Medium ones are for the production of genbana, Taruc blanks, decking, terrace boards, mabasiry, trim boards, batten roof bars for gazebos, bars and stair railings. Thick boards are for the preparation of snow protection boards, roof battens and rafters.
Basic product dimensions
— Thickness – 14 mm and more
— Width – 85 mm and more
— Length – 2,850-4,050 mm
Shipment of products from the plant by any means of transport
— Railway wagons
— Container ships
— In containers by road
Product prices can be requested via the feedback form. If you have any questions about the products and/or geography of deliveries please consult RFP managers. Phone numbers and addresses can be found under "Contact Information".