RFP’s structure is broken down by activity. The holding company includes a managing company, trading house and three business units: logging, forest products and transportation and logistics.
Managing Company
The managing company coordinates and supervises the work of all the business units within the overall management of the holding.
RFP Trading House
The RFP Trading House trades timber products produced by logging and wood processing enterprises.

The professional and goal-oriented activity of the Trading House for the development of markets has allowed the holding company to take first place in the volume of timber exports to the Asia-Pacific region.

In the structure of exports more than 90% goes to the Chinese market, where RFP is a leader among timber-exporting companies.

One of the key strategic objectives of the Trading House is the expansion of markets and the promotion of products.
Business units
The «Logging» business unit is aimed at rational, cost-effective forest exploitation and providing the «Amursk Advanced Wood Processing Center» with raw materials for existing and future production.

The business unit «Logging» comprises the leading logging and woodworking plants of the Far East region. The largest of them are JSC «Dallesprom» and JSC «Flora».

More than 20% of all leased forests of the Far East are under the management of the holding — 4.6 million hectares with available volume of 388.9 million cubic metres of wood and an allowed annual harvest of 4.2 million cubic metres. The timberlands are predominantly coniferous — 81% larch and spruce. Deciduous trees (birch, poplar, oak, ash) make up the remaining 19%.

Wood is harvested mainly by mechanized methods using modern equipment.

Development priorities include upgrades in logging efficiency, development of transport and logging infrastructure and economic turnover of new timberlands.

The logging activities of the holding are based on the principles of forest renewal and rational forest exploitation.

Wood Processing
The «Wood Processing’’ business unit works towards the realization of the holding’s strategic project which is the construction and operation of the „Amursk Advanced Wood Processing Center“, the largest wood processing center in the Far East, by 2018. That project was included in the list of » priority investment projects in the sphere of forest exploitation’’ in September, 2009. Since 2015 it has been a part of the Komsomolsk PDA*.

* The Komsomolsk PDA (Priority Development Area) is a free economic zone with preferential treatment for investors launched according to government decree number 628 of 06/25/2015. FZ dated 29.12.2014g. № 473-FZ «Covering territories of advancing social and economic development in the Russian Federation.»

The holding has planned a phased project implementation. The first stage, rotary cut veneer production of 300 thousand cubic metres a year, was carried out in Amursk in the period from 2009 to 2013 and production there is in the commissioning stage at the moment.

The second stage, from 2015 to 2016, is the expansion of industrial veneer production and the launch of dry timber production.

Attracting partners for the joint production of products such as fuel pellets, structural plywood, LVL beams, elements of wooden housing and housing sets for frame-panel low-rise buildings is planned.
The business unit «Amur Shipping Company»
The Amur Shipping Company provides high-quality and reliable transportation of the holding’s wood production to the main markets in Asian-Pacific countries. The entity became a part of RFP in 2007 and it is the basic entity of the transport and logistics division of the holding.

GC «Amur Inland Navigation Company» provides the RFP wood business with a full range of transportation and stevedoring services on the river and sea routes of the Far East.