We offer premium quality softwood veneer.
Rotary Cut Veneer from Dahurian larch is mainly used for the production of the following products:
— High-strength water-resistant structural plywood
— Plywood used in the inner casing of containers
— As a base for floor coverings
— LVL (laminated structural beams)
The Rotary veneer plant is located in the city of Amursk in Khabarovsk Territory and is ready to offer a high quality product in a volume of up to 25 thousand cubic metres per month.
Production is carried out using equipment from the leading manufacturers (Springer, Hashimoto denki, Polytechnik) in partnership with the world’s leading corporations (Seihoku Corporation, Sojitz Corporation).
Coniferous veneer is used mainly for the manufacture of structural plywood (elements of wooden house construction), where the strength of the material is in demand. The main variety for the production of veneer is the famous Dahurian larch. Japan has purchased only Dahurian larch plywood for decades owing to its proven resilience in difficult seismic conditions.
Its aesthetic qualities allow the use of larch veneer for decorating furniture and door panels.
Another application of veneer is in LVL production. Due to the high physical and mechanical properties of larch, laminated products are suitable for use in critical load-bearing and skeletal structures and environments with high humidity. Two years of product supply has been established with countries such as Japan, China, Korea, the US, Mexico, Canada, Turkey, Poland, Romania, Malaysia and Taiwan.
Shipment of products from the plant by any means of transport
— by bulk
— in containers by ship
— in containers by road
— railway wagons (covered wagon, containers)
Veneer manufactured to standards:
— JAS MAFF Notification number 1751 (in terms of this section, which regulates requirements for veneer)
— GOST 99-96.
Legality of production confirmed by FSC certification (SGS-COC-009744).