IIDA Group Holdings completes the acquisition of 75% stake in Russia Forest Products (BVI) Limited
2015 — 2021
Launch of veneer plant with anual capacity of 240 thousand cubic metres of high quality rotary-cut veneer.

Launch of sawn wood plant with annual capacity of 240 thousand cubic metres of high quality green and kiln dried sawn wood.

Launch of pellet plant construction with annual capacity of 100 thousand metric tons. The second stage (2022-2023) plans to expand capacity up to 135 thousand metric tons per year
Significant growth in logging volumes and business scale. Construction of veneer plant with a capacity of 300 thousand m3 per year - a Priority investment project in the field of forest development in the Far East. Start of construction of a sawn wood plant
Preliminary works on creation of wood processing complexes in Khabarovsk Territory. RFP logging area increased by more than 20% due to the acquisition of Flora CJSC, one of the largest logging enterprises in the Far East.
Increase of RFP logging area due to the acquisition of assets of logging enterprises in the Khabarovsk, Amur and Primorsky regions. Establishment of Managing company RFP Group on the basis of assets of Dallesprom JSC in 2007.
Privatization of Dallesprom.
All activities of the forest industry in the region are consolidated under Dallesprom. The level of logging volumes of Dallesprom is maintained at historical highs — 20 mln m3 per year.