We invite partners and investors
One of strategic goals of RFP is a development of wood processing. RFP has implemented a project of creating Amursk Advanced Wood Processing Center in the city of Amursk.
The unique combination of location, resources, infrastructure and human potential makes the Amursk site an ideal place for the development of the woodprocessing cluster. This powerful state-of-the-art production complex will become a further growth point for wood processing in Khabarovsk region, the Far East and Russia as a whole.
The infrastructure of the advanced wood processing center:
Water supply (available on-site water treatment plant)
Heating (primary 31 Gcal boiler, secondary 15.5 Gcal stage and backup heating)
Electricity (GLP 100/10 MW, a distance of 3.5 km to Amur Thermal Power Station-1)
Railroad (Mylki station — 16 km, Amur Plant RPP station — 3 km. 10 km of access and in-plant roads)
Quay wall (300 m, with two gantry cranes, 500-1000 tons per day, river/sea processing vessels up to 120 m)
Road (Amursk – Komsomolsk)
Priorities in the establishment of joint ventures
From veneer:
  • — Production of plywood
  • — Production of LVL
From sawnwood:
  • — Production of planed and molded products (lining, batten, block-house) with universal equipment
  • — Workshop production of laminated lumber
  • — Workshop production of furniture and joinery panels
  • — Shop for the production of container pallets
  • — A workshop for the assembly and production of finished housing sets and components for housing sets
From wood chips:
  • — Fuel granules (pellets)
  • — Power generation
Other related promising projects:
  • — Construction of a wood-chip-powered greenhouse on the complex (optional electric power, water, ash fertilizers)
  • — Construction of a warehouse and logistics complex (container terminal)
  • — Construction of repair and maintenance complexes with parking areas for trucks and special equipment
  • — Launching the production of packaging products
  • — Other manufacturing products to serve the region's needs for import substitution.
Other areas of cooperation
We are looking for and inviting partners to cooperate on an ongoing basis:
  • — independent subcontractors for roundwood harvesting and transportation services.

Should you have any questions on cooperation with RFP, please contact us. Phone numbers and addresses can be found in the “Contacts” section. We look forward to working with you!