RFP — the largest holding of the Far East
RFP comprises a group of technologically-linked full-cycle companies ranging from wood procurement to value-added wood processing and sales and delivery of processed production to Asian-Pacific countries. The holding has established itself as a leader in its main spheres of activity in the Russian market. Wood processing is conducted with the machinery of world-renowned producers along with the partnership of world-leading corporations .

A vertically integrated management structure allows a synergistic effect, which manifests itself in efficiency, flexibility and commercial security. More than five thousand people work at the holding’s companies in Amursk, Khabarovsk and Primorsky territories, providing RFP advanced positions in target markets.
RFP Group strategic investor, IIDA Group Holdings is Japan leading wooden houses construction market player. This partnership allows RFP Group to obtain access to highly competitive Japanese market and further expand its expertise and capacity in wood processing and production of value-added products.
  • 1. Logging
    RFP is the biggest harvesting company in the Far East with an 80 years history

    • — the top position in logging volume in the Far East: about 2.0 million cubic metres a year
    • — the top position in the export of roundwood to China: 20% of yearly Russian exports;
    • — 2nd place in annual allowable cut in Russia: 4.1 million cubic metres a year
  • 2. Wood processing
    RFP owns one of the most advanced wood-processing complexes in the Far East

    • — production capacity of 1 million m3 per year by 2020.
    • — largest softwood veneer plant in Russia with capacity of 240 thousand m3 per year
    • — modern softwood lumber plant with capacity of 240 thousand m3 per year
    • — state-of-the-art pellet production plant with capacity of 100 thousand tons per year
RFP’s strategy is leadership in the timber industry of the Far East, growth in sales in new markets and an increase in business efficiency.

The holding strives for diversification of its products and partnerships with the leaders of value-added wood processing in the Asia-Pacific region. On the basis of this concept we are developing an advanced wood processing center comprising several industrial plants in the city of Amursk in the area of the «Komsomolsk PDA»* of Khabarovsk Territory.

* The Komsomolsk PDA (Priority Development Area) is a free economic zone with preferential treatment for investors launched according to government decree number 628 of 06/25/2015. FZ dated 29.12.2014g. № 473-FZ «Covering territories of advancing social and economic development in the Russian Federation.»