Dallesprom to celebrate 88 years

Dallesprom, the forestry company in RFP Group holding, is celebrating 88 years.

The company was established on October 29, 1930 with the goal of uniting logging and wood processing enterprises of the reigon. This is when the history of RFP Group began.

For the next three decades, tremendous work has been done to develop forest industry of the region: from manual sawing and transportation of wood on horseback to year-round mechanical harvesting and car hauling. New forest industry enterprises were created, thousands of kilometers of roads were built. Wood products were exported to countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

By the 70s, Dallesprom harvesting volumes reached about 20 million m3 per year. The total number of employees in the enterprise was 96 thousand people.

In 2007, Managing company RFP Group was established on the basis of Dallesprom assets. The company united 25 leading logging and wood processing enterprises of the region.

RFP Group today is:

- leader in timber harvesting in the Far East

- leader in Russian roundwood export to China

- priority investment project for establishment of the Far Eastern Center of deep wood processing (TOSED)

- largest shipping company in the Far East - Amur Shipping Company