RFP Group celebrates its 90th anniversary!
90 years ago, on October 29, 1930, the history of RFP Group began with the foundation of Dallesprom company. During the first three decades, colossal work was done to develop the forestry industry: creation of new harvesting enterprises, building of thousands of kilometers of roads, introduction of new technologies for timber harvesting and hauling, and a transition to year-round harvesting.

In 2004, the Management Company RFP Group was established based on the assets of Dallesprom. The holding united 25 leading logging and wood processing enterprises in the region. In 2007, Amur Shipping Company became part of RFP Group and its transport and logistics business.

Today, RFP Group is the largest logging and wood processing company in the Far East of Russia. It is implementing the largest investment project in the region: construction of Far Eastern center for advanced wood processing in Amursk, Khabarovsk region. The company is also a shareholder of the largest shipping company in the Far East with a 150-year history. This is the merit of several generations and many thousands of people, each of whom has contributed to the development of the company!

We wish our company to strengthen the positions it has won in the industry and to develop its business further! May each year open up new development prospects for us, and may all of them be brilliant!